Monday, February 7, 2011


Foundation the goal for makeup foundation is to appear like you are not wearing any. Makeup foundation will give you a flawless,healthy glow when you you pick up the correct formula. Finding the perfect match doesn't have to be tricky just test them out until you are sure its the perfect match for you.

Blush is another must have. For a vibrant glow choose a color that makes your skin stand out and gives you that extra vibrant look. For dark skinned women rich plums and soft reds are perfect for darker skinned shades.

Lip color all depends on the person . Anybody can rock any color it all depends on you essential style and how you are feel. A natural shade of gloss is a must have you can wear it day or night and add a splash of color to revamp the whole entire look.

Eye shadow almost every woman's stand still. No matter what shade you are do not be afraid to try bright vibrant colors on a day to day basis. As you get used to eye shadows you get to know yourself and know which colors go with which day and outfits of choice. Its all about preference. 

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